Monday, August 23, 2010

Moped Music Video

New favorite video and song---
Video for "Throw a Kit" Performed by Hollywood Holt featuring Million Dollar Mano. The video was shot, directed, and edited by Thunder Horse (Taran Allen, Alex Gvojic).

Check it out!

Hollywood Holt is from the Northside of Chicago. He has been rapping for 5 years, and is really excited in sharing his talents with everyone. In addition to perfecting his rap skills, Holt enjoys riding his moped with his moped crew Murder Club.
Holt’s main producer is Mano, though he does work with featured artists, such as Davidthemaker.

Scooter Racing In The Pacific Northwest

Pat's Acres looks like a great track to try---
We found this site---There is still time to check out the last two races of the season.

Race 6 Sept. 5th Vancouver, GMR
Race 7 Oct 16th & 17th Portland, PARC

Thursday, August 12, 2010

SoBi is set to launch in New York this fall

The unique self-contained social bike sharing system SoBi is set to launch in New York this fall. The SoBi setup involves GPS, mobile and a special security system can attach almost any bike to a regular bicycle rack. Unlike other bike sharing systems that require users to pick up and drop off bikes at home bases, SoBi bikes can be found and returned virtually anywhere they can be secured with a lock, thanks to a special lock box system, which will undergo testing in New York this fall. Users locate and unlock available bikes via their mobile phones.

Check out the video- worth the watch---