Monday, October 4, 2010

Mini building a electric sccoter

the mini scooter e, as it is called, was unveiled. the electric scooter
was designed by bmw director of design adrian van hooydonk and will make its debut at the end of the month. the scooter charges through a plug-in system and features a docking station for smartphones which also serves as the key to start the engine. special software on the device then acts as a GPS system for the scooter and also
notifies users when other mini scooter riders are nearby. 3 models of the scooter e will be released with the other two to be seen at the upcoming paris auto show.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Electric and Hybrid Motor Cycle

Green Lite Motors first vehicle is a 100MPG, fully-enclosed, hybrid, 3-wheeled, 2-passenger, 85mph vehicle. The vehicle is designed especially for commuters in metropolitan areas.
-One rear wheel and two front wheels.
Power: Gas engine and electric motor. The hybrid configuration leverages both power plants to deliver:
Efficiency in stop and go traffic, and regenerative braking.
Long range and freeway cruising.
-Sport mode for quick performance (gas and electric power together).
-Driver and passenger are protected by a steel roll cage, 4-point safety harnesses, seat backs, and front airbags. Passenger sits behind driver (tandem seating).
-Unique design lets the driver lean the vehicle smoothly into turns for confident cornering, like a motorcycle.
- Vehicle will include heat, A/C, and a sound system.
check out the video of it driving about 2 minutes in-