Friday, October 1, 2010

Electric and Hybrid Motor Cycle

Green Lite Motors first vehicle is a 100MPG, fully-enclosed, hybrid, 3-wheeled, 2-passenger, 85mph vehicle. The vehicle is designed especially for commuters in metropolitan areas.
-One rear wheel and two front wheels.
Power: Gas engine and electric motor. The hybrid configuration leverages both power plants to deliver:
Efficiency in stop and go traffic, and regenerative braking.
Long range and freeway cruising.
-Sport mode for quick performance (gas and electric power together).
-Driver and passenger are protected by a steel roll cage, 4-point safety harnesses, seat backs, and front airbags. Passenger sits behind driver (tandem seating).
-Unique design lets the driver lean the vehicle smoothly into turns for confident cornering, like a motorcycle.
- Vehicle will include heat, A/C, and a sound system.
check out the video of it driving about 2 minutes in-

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